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Schlumberger prides itself on its rich history of technology leadership paired with social and environmental responsibility.


Cameron International Corporation is a Schlumberger company and a global provider of pressure control, processing, flow control and compression systems as well as project management and aftermarket services for the oil and gas and process industries.

The T30 fully welded ball valve (formerly Cameron fully welded ball valve) is one of the most trusted valves in the petroleum industry. The distinctive design of the T30 ball valve gives it increased strength at reduced weight as well as increased resistance both to pipeline pressures and stresses. The valve combines the strength of forged components with a lightweight and compact spherical design. This compact, spherical design also eliminates body flanges, thus reducing overall size and potential leak paths.

T30 fully welded ball valves satisfy ANSI 150 through 2500 and API 2000 through 10,000 standards. Made of forged steel to assure uniform fine grain structure and toughness, they may be specified in sizes from 2" to 56" (50 mm to 1400 mm).


Grove Valves

Established in 1934 by Marvin H. Grove, the Grove Regulator Co. became a steady and prolific contributor to the global valve industry. Over a six-decade period, the Grove Regulator Co. registered hundreds of patented valve and regulator designs and serviced a wide range of groundbreaking projects, from World War II submarines and NASA space launches to rocket engine development and deep sea transmission lines.

The welded body version of one of the most trusted valves in the petroleum industry, the Cameron GROVE B8 fully welded ball valve combines the strength of forged components and field serviceability. Made of forged materials to help ensure uniform fine-grain structure and toughness and engineered for heavy-duty, limited-maintenance performance, the GROVE B8 ball valve is commonly selected for a number of applications