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Our focus is on the safe reduction and elimination of pipeline valve leakage. When you shop with Sealweld, you get access to the know-how that saves pipeline operators millions of dollars in unnecessary shut-down costs.



Experience has proven that periodic maintenance will make valves operate easier and seal properly. A small amount of the correct lubricant into the body or seat rings, fresh grease into the stem bearings, checking the stem packing and replenishing as necessary will add years, even decades to the service life of the valve.

We offer:

  • Lubricants, sealants, cleaners
  • Valve fittings, adaptors
  • Sealant Injection Pumps
  • Tools & equipment

ACTIV-8 Pump Overview

The Sealweld ACTIV-8 is a favorite pump of professional valve technicians. The ACTIV-8 is capable of drawing product directly from a 10 pound can.

  • Generates up to 10,000 PSI injection pressure
  • Controls the quantity of lubricant/sealant injected
  • Motor is powered by compressed air, bottled air or natural gas
  • Delivers lubricant/sealant at up to 1 pound every 70 seconds
  • Patented ACTIV-8 delivers valve cleaners, lubricants and sealants faster than any other pump on two wheels

Uni-Seal Pump

The Uni-Seal pump has an air/hydraulic motor that can be powered by compressed air, bottled air or natural gas. Up to 10,000 PSI is quickly generated by stepping on the foot pedal making this pump ideal for servicing large diameter valves. The high speed action of the Uni-Seal pump makes it ideal for "popping" the plug out of its seat in tapered plug valves that become hard-to-turn.


Hydraulic Hand-Held Pump

The Sealweld Hydraulic Hand-Held Pump has a locking handle to prevent piston damage. It is lightweight and very portable. The compact size makes it easy to keep one in your general toolbox or behind the seat of your pickup for quick top-ups and emergency sealing jobs between regular maintenance intervals.

Ships with an 18 inch long hose, buttonhead coupler and high-pressure gauge,  it is ready for loading and field use right out of the box. Perfect for pumping small quantities of valve cleaner, lubricant or sealant. No toolbox is complete without one.



Sealweld Buyers Guide (pdf)


UniSeal Pump Manual (pdf)


Hydraulic Hand Pump Manual (pdf)


ACTIV-8 Manual (pdf)