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Data Loggers and Electronic Pressure Recorders

ERX - Electronic Pressure Recorder


The ERX is a microprocessor-based, standalone self-powered data recorder that measures gas pressure, gas temperature, case temperature and applied power supplies. It offers accurate pressure measurement, long-term battery life, remote communications, extended audit trail logging, and various pressure ranges. 

ERX 350


The ERX 350 is an End-of-Line, Low Pressure Point, District Regulator, System Pressure Monitoring, Recording and Alarming instrument.

Electronic Corrector Systems

EC 350 - Gas Volume Corrector


Purpose-built, UMB- and rotary-mount electronic volume correctors intended to simplify and optimize custody transfer and industrial measurement​ 

Mini-AT Volume Corrector


An electronic gas volume corrector for mounting on rotary, turbine and diaphragm meters

Mini-Max Volume Corrector


A corrector for basic volume measurement and correction

Mini-Max Rotary Corrector


A Mini-Max electronic gas volume corrector for direct mounting on various rotary meters.

TCI - Electronic Temperature Compensating Index


An exceptionally accurate index and an ideal replacement for mechanical TC indexes.

Files coming soon.

Volume Meters

Elster Rotary Gas Meter


Elster® Rotary Gas Meters offer robust and accurate measurement instruments for gas distribution companies. Based on proven technology and bundled with advanced features to meet tomorrow’s requirement, Elster gas meters provide exceptional performance and reliability with features like high maximum operating pressure, low pressure drop, and wide rangeability.

Mechanical Recorders

Chart Recorders (Pressure, Temperature, or Volume)


Pressure: 8-inch chart recorders and 12-inch chart recorders for pressure ranges from 0-10 inches of water to 0-5,000 pounds per square inch gauge. Vacuums to 30 inches of mercury are also available.

Volume:  8-inch and 12-inch meter-driven chart recorders for installation on large volume diaphragm, rotary and turbine meters. The major feature of these recorders is the volume oriented chart. Volume recorders are available with wall, flush, portable or pipe stand mounting.

Temperature: 8-inch and 12-inch chart recorders for temperature range spans of 100 F (55°C) up to 1,000 F (550°C), and lower limit of -30 F (-34°C). One- and two-pen recorders are available in both the 8-inch and 12-inch size, calibrated to either English or metric units.

Smart Metering



The CNI4 is a 4G/LTE, battery-operated, easy to configure dual-channel pulse data logger designed to support most commercial & Industrial (C&I) smart metering/automatic meter reading (AMR) analog modem-based applications.

With this advanced cellular pulse data logger, both input channels and stored consumptions can be independently scaled to different units of measure, providing maximum value and flexibility. 

The CNI4 Pulse Data Logger is designed for low-power and outdoor operation. It is ideal for call-In applications involving meter data management (MDM) and can directly connect to PowerSpring or couple with the InvisiConnect software to interface with third-party MDM systems.

MI Wireless


The MI Wireless product line provides a comprehensive selection of communication hardware and power supply systems optimized to integrate with Mercury Instruments’ precision measurement instrumentation.